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I choosed to be HAPPY :)

I woke up early in the morning with FAKE SMILES and STUPID LIES so that people won't see my pain inside. I'd rather to be alone than showing everywhere. unless! haa unless, till the time I can't handle my emotional anymore. everyday I feel the same kind of feeling. I know, my life is so fun! because I have it one day. I could be happy, then I turned to depressed, then turned to sad, then happy again. yeahhhh that's my emotional cycle. Nobody knows I hide in inside...Nobody cares bout me. But I do cares about them.yes maybe I'm such a 'busybody' person. And they can't stand with my odd behavior anymore.right?! who knows?! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

sometimes it feels like nobody gets me....sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a world where everyone hates me....there's so much that I'm going through.but if I think back, life is so interesting if you know how to use your life wisely. for me, I'm using my life happily because I enjoyed eve…


Rajah 1
adakah hatiku sedang terluka dan sedang terkoyak seperti gambar rajah di atas?  hahahahhahahahhaaha okayyyyyy bongok sangat ok bongok -.-
happy Sunday semua :) enjoy your weekend


assalamualaikum dan hai semua :) lama naa tak update blog ni.ahhaaa i've been soooooo busy lately.haha banyak sangat assignments, tests , quizzes, and so on.ok normal lah tu...dah nama pun student.menipu lah tak busy kan...ohyaaaa this becoming Wednesday iols ada job interview.ya Allah, tak prepare apa2 pun lagi.hmm risau lah pulak.em, tak sabar rasanya hati ni nak habiskan sem 4 ni cepat-cepat. :( tapi, sementara nak habis tu, kena lah tempuh dulu onak duri sepanjang sem ni.haha cepatnyaa masa dah nak habis pun.walhal baru ja rasa macam beberapa minggu yang lepas ja mai uitm ni.okay, semoga tabah wahai hati kecilku. be strong. always stay with Allah, inshaaAllah happy ja hidup ni haa.

rindu pulak dekat sin chan ni... lambat lagi lah yaa kita jumpa  Ara :'()