I choosed to be HAPPY :)

I woke up early in the morning with FAKE SMILES and STUPID LIES so that people won't see my pain inside. I'd rather to be alone than showing everywhere. unless! haa unless, till the time I can't handle my emotional anymore. everyday I feel the same kind of feeling. I know, my life is so fun! because I have it all.in one day. I could be happy, then I turned to depressed, then turned to sad, then happy again. yeahhhh that's my emotional cycle. Nobody knows I hide in inside...Nobody cares bout me. But I do cares about them.yes maybe I'm such a 'busybody' person. And they can't stand with my odd behavior anymore.right?! who knows?! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

sometimes it feels like nobody gets me....sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a world where everyone hates me....there's so much that I'm going through.but if I think back, life is so interesting if you know how to use your life wisely. for me, I'm using my life happily because I enjoyed every moment happened without skip any chapter that I've done whether it's useful or useless.As long as I'm not fall asleep, that is time for me to strive my life.

in our life, we have to be STRONG. yes, HAVE TOO. who else gonna be strong for us if not ourselves first? I start my life with a thousand smiles and then I put my target for today. my everyday target, it won't change until I die.perhaps so.HAHA okay, my target is 'I CHOOSED TO BE HAPPY TODAY'  then, I will strive my life to be happy as much as I could. friends, don't forget live your life and be happy. 

it seems I'm fooling a lot.so can I stop now? last but not least, I'm sorry I can't be perfect...
enjoy your life friends :)


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